The Glass Ceiling Awards is a prestigious honor that recognizes extraordinary women who have made a significant impact in their Business, Profession or Community.

Women who have demonstrated excellence in their respective fields (Entrepreneurs/Professionals) and have been a role model and mentor for other women.


1.ARTS & CULTURE – Women who have made an significant contribution to arts and culture . Entries are welcomed from artists, performers, writers, curators, philanthropists etc who have had an impact that goes beyond the usual remit of their role.

2.CORPORATE CHANGE AGENT – Women working within business or corporate environments who promote positive change in the way business is done. We are interested in women who are having an impact beyond the formal remit of their role and are successfully influencing attitudes and practices in their broader industry or in the business world as a whole.

3.EDUCATION – Women making outstanding contributions individually or within institutions to advance education quality, access and inclusion in India or globally. This category is not limited to educators, but can also include administrators, advocates, policy-makers, researchers, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists etc.

4.ENTREPRENEUR -This award recognizes business-women who has set up, grown and established their own businesses. Nominees should have developed and run a business, including taking on business risk, and remain actively involved in its operations.(Founders of businesses should apply for the Entrepreneur category)

5. ENVIRONMENT & SUSTAINABILITY – Women who are successfully influencing attitudes, policies and behaviors to drive better environmental outcomes and more sustainable practices. This category may include (but is not limited to) environmental conservation and rehabilitation, emissions reduction, waste management, resource management, energy transition, corporate sustainability, policy and advocacy, public education and awareness.

6.HEALTH – Women who are making an outstanding contribution to the health sector or communities through research and discovery, policy and advocacy, innovation or excellence in healthcare provision. This award encompasses (but is not limited to) the healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical, aged care, disability care, preventative care, and mental health sectors.

7.HUMAN RIGHTS & INCLUSION – Women working in a wide range of capacities to support human rights, equity, equality, diversity and inclusion. The category encompasses all forms of human rights and inclusion, including socio-economic, gender, sexuality, race, religion, disability and age.

8.REGIONAL & COMMUNITY – Women who have successfully tackled important issues in local, rural or regional communities and used their skills and influence to drive positive change. Such women may be working independently or as a part of a community groups, business and industry, not for profit, government etc.

9.SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY – Women in science, engineering and technology whose work is making an outstanding contribution to human advancement, prosperity and quality of life. This category includes, but is not limited to, scientific research, discovery, technological innovation and invention, advocacy, public education and policy-making.

10.YOUNG LEADER – Women aged up to 18 yrs as of Feb 25th 2021, who have demonstrated a strong capacity to influence attitudes, policy or behavior and drive positive change in their communities or society at large.

11.MEDIA – This award recognizes women working in the area of TV broadcast, Radio ,print or electronic media. From front-line journalism to production and technical, we are looking for women who have made a significant contribution to the success of the media company they work for or their personal media brand.

12. REAL ESTATE,INFRASTRUCTURE & CONSTRUCTION -This award is for women professionals who shape the world we live in through their work in either real estate, construction or infrastructure.

13. SPORTS – This award unearths incredibly inspiring individuals who are making waves in sport. These women are climbing high in sport to sport occupations such as agents, coaches etc.( sportswomen, coaches, advocates, administrators).

14. PUBLIC SERVICES – This award recognizes outstanding service by public sector employees. Outstanding service can be shown through service excellence to the public, or to external or internal clients. Innovation in program, project or policy development and Implementation.

15. PROFESSIONALS – Awards and encourages professionals from across all disciplines of the development industry, from both the public and private sectors.

16. BEST WOMEN SUPPORTING ONLINE GROUPS/COMMUNITIES – This award is for Online/Offline Women communities who would support women. This award would be chosen by the maximum number of likes and sharing of their members on the award nomination poster.


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